The Spa is our pride and joy. One visit, one treatment, and you will see why.
     Sand Sea Spa, the ideal place for your health & well being, where you can indulge yourself in our natural remedies of relaxing your body & Soul. We offer a full variety of treatments & options to care for every need.

    Indulge yourself  in natural ways of relaxing your body and soul. Refresh your skin with a herbal scrub and treatment or enjoy a variation of tradition Thai massage, herbal steam aromatherapy and excellent baths.

Treatments include 
      Facial treatment
      Thai herbal body scrub
      Herbal oil massage
      Aromatherapy oil massage
      Traditional Thai massage
      Thai Herbal steam Aromatherapy
      Open 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM
      Inclusive in nature's embrace

 :::::::::::::::::: Massage ::::::::::::::::::
  Traditional Thai Massage
1 hrs. 530  Baht
2 hrs.   990  Baht
  Herbal Oil Massage
1 hrs. 730  Baht
2 hrs. 1,350  Baht
  Aromatherapy Oil Massage
1 hrs. 730  Baht
2 hrs.   1,350  Baht
  Neck and Shoulders Massage
30min. 330  Baht
  Foot Massage
30min. 390  Baht
  Foot Reflexology
1 hrs. 730  Baht
:::::::::::::::::: Treatment ::::::::::::::::::
  Facial Cleansing
30min.  490  Baht
  Facial Treatment
1 hrs. 1,350 Baht
  Body Scrub (as your choice)
  (Coffee, Milky, Sesame, Strawberry, Ylang-Ylang, Sweet Orange , Tamarind and Payaya)

1 hrs. 1,150  Baht
  Body Wrap (as your choice) (Herbal, Cucumber, Aloe Vera)
1 hrs. 1,150  Baht
  Body Salt Glow
1 hrs. 1,350  Baht
  Dead Sea Mineral Mud Wrap
1 hrs. 1,550  Baht
:::::::::::::::::: Bath ::::::::::::::::::
  Milk Bath
30min.      830   Baht
  Floral Bath
30min. 1,100   Baht
  Herbal Steam Room Per session
30min.    280   Baht
  Herbal Steam & Steam Hair Treatment       
30min.  490   Baht
:::::::::::::::::: Spa Packages ::::::::::::::::::
   Body Refresh    Thai Herbal steam room , Body scrub (as your choice) 
    and Herbal oil massage.

2 hrs. 1,650   Baht
   Body Relax    Thai Herbal steam room , Body Salt Glo
   and Aromatherapy oil massage.

2 hrs.  1,980   Baht
   Ever Lover    Thai Herbal steam room, Body scrub (as your choice),  
   Milk bath and Aromatherapy Oil Massage.

2.30 hrs. 2,750  Baht
   Sand Sea Experience    Thai Herbal steam room, Dead Sea mineral mud wrap,  
   Tradition Thai massage and Cleansing facial.

2.30 hrs. 2,750   Baht
   Living Senses    Thai Herbal steam room , Sandalwood hair treatment,
   Body scrub  (as your choice), Herbal oil massage
   and  Facial treatment.

2.30 hrs. 3,100   Baht
   Natural Touching    Thai Herbal steam room, Rose hair treatment,
   Body  scrub (as your choice), Floral bath Milky body rub,  
   Facial  treatment, and Aromatherapy oil massage.

3.30 hrs.  4,350   Baht
  Sand Sea Resort & Spa - 155 Moo 4 T.Maret, Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Surathani 84310 Thailand

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